December 6, 2023

From Manfred to Maria: The history of naming hurricanes

By Larry Sprinkle From wcnc NBC An Atlantic storm that ripped the mast off a boat named Manfred became known as Manfred’s hurricane. Then, in the mid-1900s, people started using female names for storms. The history of naming hurricanes is fascinating. There was a time when storms were given arbitrary names. An Atlantic storm that […]

Big drop in CSU’s Atlantic Hurricane Outlook; Quiet Atlantic, active Pacific [Invest 95 in Atlantic]

By Dr. Jeff Masters From Wunderground Chiller-than-usual waters in the eastern North Atlantic have prodded the forecast group based at Colorado State University to reduce the amount of tropical cyclone activity they project for 2018 from the values predicted only one month ago. In their July update issued on Monday, CSU’s Dr. Phil Klotzbach and […]

Maria and Jose menace the Caribbean and North Atlantic

From Earth Observatory NASA Less than two weeks after Irma blasted through several Caribbean islands and Florida, another major hurricane is battering the region. Category 5 Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Dominica on the night of September 18 and was headed for landfall on the heavily populated island of Puerto Rico on September 20, […]

Satellite tagging study shows mako sharks threatened by over fishing

The following is press release from Nova Southeastern University’s Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI), a collaboration between renowned marine artist, scientist, explorer and Cayman resident, Dr. Guy Harvey and Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center in Dania Beach, Florida. The mission of the GHRI is to provide the scientific information necessary to understand, conserve, and effectively […]

New ‘sister sanctuary’ agreement protects whales from New England to the Caribbean

From NOAA Stellwagen Bank sanctuary joins Caribbean sanctuary in humpback whale research, monitoring, conservation May 4, 2017A new “sister sanctuary” agreement signed this spring between NOAA and the government of The Netherlands adds to a network of marine protected areas stretching from New England to the Caribbean Sea, and now provides refuge for North Atlantic […]

First-ever footage of one of the world’s rarest whales

BY MARIA GALLUCCI From Mashable A rare whale species has finally made its cinematic debut. Science students captured two True’s beaked whales on camera during an expedition in Portugal’s Azores Islands. Their video is the first-ever recording of these elusive whales in the wild. Such live sightings are extremely rare events. Marine experts know so […]

Broadband boosted for Caribbean cruise and Atlantic shipping

By Martyn Wingrove From Marine Electronics & Communications Arianespace has launched the third of Intelsat’s EpicNG satellites that will deliver high throughput broadband to ships in the North Atlantic and cruise lines in the Caribbean. The Intelsat 32e satellite was launched on the Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana on 14 February. Once the satellite […]

How climate change triggers earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes

By Bill McGuire From The Guardian UK Global warming may not only be causing more destructive hurricanes, it could also be shaking the ground beneath our feet Devastating hurricane? More than 1,000 lives lost? It must be climate change! Almost inevitably, Hurricane Matthew’s recent rampage across the Caribbean and south-eastern US has been fingered by […]

CSU’s latest hurricane outlook: Steady as she goes

By Bob Henson From Weather Underground There were no major adjustments in the August update to the 2016 CSU Atlantic hurricane outlook, issued on Thursday by Colorado State University. These outlooks are produced by Dr. Phil Klotzbach, who worked closely with CSU’s Dr. William Gray for many years prior to Dr. Gray’s passing in April. […]

HMS Mersey in £12 Million Caribbean drugs bust

From: Ministry of Defence and The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP The Royal Navy ship HMS Mersey has played a key part in an operation to seize a vessel suspected of smuggling cocaine off Nicaragua. Mersey, operating in the North Atlantic region as part of her commitment to the security of the UK’s overseas territories, […]