March 26, 2023

IOC Executive Board suspends NOC of Guatemala

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16 Oct 2022 – In view of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board decision on 8 September 2022 and as, unfortunately, no solution could be found between the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Guatemala and the relevant authorities in Guatemala within the prescribed deadlines, the suspension of the NOC of Guatemala has become effective on 15 October […]

IOC President writes to Olympic Movement regarding humanitarian assistance for the Olympic Community of Ukraine

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03 Mar 2022 – The IOC President, Thomas Bach, today wrote a letter to the Olympic Movement, setting out information on the next steps to provide humanitarian assistance for the Olympic Community in Ukraine. Dear colleagues,  In response to the continued humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, the IOC and the NOC of Ukraine have been overwhelmed with an outpouring […]

Deep-sea asphalt mounds found off West African coast

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From Planet Earth Scientists have discovered a large area of the deep seabed strewn with mounds of asphalt off the coast of Angola, hosting rich animal life. This is the first such discovery in the Atlantic proper or in the Southern Hemisphere, and the first time the creatures living around them have been studied in […]