March 21, 2023

Brexit: EU leaders dismiss talk of renegotiating draft agreement

From BBC EU leaders have dismissed talk of renegotiating the draft Brexit deal and warned the UK’s political situation could make a “no-deal” more likely. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was “no question” of reopening talks as a document was “on the table”. Meanwhile French PM Edouard Philippe said there was a need to […]

Brexit means drifting apart but we don’t want to build a wall – Tusk

From BBC News Donald Tusk has insisted the EU “does not want to build a wall”, but Brexit means “we will be drifting apart”. The EU Council president said Theresa May wanted to “demonstrate at any price that Brexit could be a success”, but that was not the EU’s objective. He was unveiling draft guidelines […]

Brexit: Donald Tusk says not enough progress in talks

From BBC European Council president Donald Tusk has said not enough progress has been made to move to the next phase of Brexit talks in Brussels. He said Theresa May’s “realistic” speech on Friday showed the UK’s “philosophy of having a cake and eating it is finally coming to an end”. But he said “there […]