August 19, 2022

Traffickers paying Guyanese girls airline tickets to come to Barbados

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By Andrea Fernandes From Guyana Guardian In the wake of revelations that an alarming number of Guyanese women are prostituting in Barbados, the Island’s Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinckson has expressed the belief that a sophisticated human trafficking network is actually bringing a number of young Guyanese women to Barbados to be involved in […]

Barbados questions the credibility of Guyana’s passport process

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By Wonita Stephens From Guyana Guardian As the controversy surrounding the arrest of a half-naked Guyanese woman in a brothel and her subsequent deportation takes centre-stage on social media, Barbados’ Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinckson remains baffled as to how the woman was able to obtain a second passport under a different name from […]