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We could cross a global warming red line by 2022

BY ANDREW FREEDMAN From Mashable Within the next five years, global average surface temperatures may temporarily breach a key guardrail set out by the Paris Climate Agreement, according to a new report from the U.K. Met Office.The report warns that…

UK – HERE COMES DORIS! Storm Doris to smash Britain with snow and 80mph raging winds as Met Office warns people ‘be prepared’

BY PAUL HARPER From The Sun UK Widespread disruption could hit the travel network and there are fears “flying debris” may cause various accidents STORM Doris is braced to smash into Britain with ferocious 80mph raging winds and snow, the Met…

UK weather: Caribbean heat vortex to warm Britain to 18C but there’s storms and possibly snow to follow

BY ALISTAIR GRANT From Mirror UK After near zero temps last week, the Met Office forecast “spring-like” sunny spells with highs up to 14C this weekend and 17C on Monday Britain is set to be as hot as Abu Dhabi…