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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

From Mars to Earth and the Moon, 127 million miles away

By Timothy J. Seppala from engadget A new photo from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter should make just about everybody feel like an insignificant speck of dust. The pale blue dot we call home is back in the limelight again. The…

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NASA picks three potential drill sites for Mars 2020

By Mariella Moon From engadget All three could have supported life in ancient Mars. When the Mars 2020 rover reaches the red planet, it will quickly begin drilling for samples from its surface. NASA hasn’t picked the exact drill site…

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NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on the mend after glitch By Mike Wall, Senior Writer for From Mashable NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) put itself into a precautionary “safe mode” March 7, but the venerable spacecraft is now on the…