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Maroone Cancer Center

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Cleveland Clinic Florida counters cardiac complications of cancer treatment

As if battling cancer isn’t challenging enough, many cancer patients have another “big C” to contend with: cardiovascular disease. Not only do some cancer patients have coexisting cardiovascular disease, but several treatments that improve survival in cancer patients can damage…

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Cleveland Clinic speaks on prevention, treatment of skin cancer

As we enter August and the last month of the Skin Cancer Awareness months in Cayman, Cleveland Clinic Florida wants to remind the community of the ways in which you can protect yourself from this too prevalent disease. While there…

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Bringing Breast Cancer Awareness to the Cayman Islands every month

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month having come to a close, health experts are reminding the Cayman community to continue to take active steps towards assessing and lowering their risk of breast cancer rather than waiting until next October. Although healthcare…