December 1, 2021

The Editor speaks: Outstanding indictments

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I commence my Editorial today with the following statement from Chief justice Anthony Smellie’s Report to the Opening of the Courts last January 16th: “On the subject of case disposal, I begin by reference to the alarmingly high number of outstanding indictments, which, despite the standard time to disposal of six months mentioned by Madam […]

Address of Colin McKie QC, on the occasion of the Opening of the Grand Court on Jan 16 2019, on behalf of the Cayman Islands Law Reports

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My Lord Chief Justice, Hon. Judges of the Grand Court, Hon. Justices of Appeal, Hon. Chief Magistrate, Hon. Magistrates, Madam Attorney, Acting DPP, my colleagues at the Bar, our Special and Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen If it may please my Lord. I am privileged to be able to associate myself with the motions to […]