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Legal Practitioners Bill

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The Editor Speaks: Caymanian lawyers suffer difficulties

I was horrified after reading Abraham Thoppil’s (President, Caymanian Bar Association) address at the 2017 Opening of the Grand Court. Whilst the president congratulates Government on “grasping the nettle and presenting a ” Legal Practitioners Bill “that the CBA can…

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Address by Alasdair Robertson at 2017 opening of Cayman Islands Grand Court

PRESIDENT OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS LAW SOCIETY – ADDRESS 11 January 2017 My Lord Chief Justice, Hon. Judges of the Grand Court, Hon. Chief Magistrate, Hon. Magistrates, Mr Attorney, Madam Director, Madam Solicitor, my colleagues at the Bar, our Special…

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Cayman Islands Law Society welcomes gazetting of Legal Practitioners Bill

The Cayman Islands Law Society (CILS) has welcomed the gazetting of the Legal Practitioners Bill (LPB) by the Cayman Islands Government, in preparation for the upcoming sitting of the Legislative Assembly in early October. The LPB repeals and replaces the…

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Abraham Thoppil Address at opening of GC 2016

CBA President’s Address at the opening of the Grand Court My Lord Honourable Chief Justice, Honourable Justices of the Grand Court and Magistrates of the Summary Court, my colleagues at the Bar, Ladies and Gentleman, I rise on behalf of…