February 21, 2024

Address of Alasdair Robertson on the occasion of the Opening of the Cayman Islands Grand Court on 17 January 2018 given on behalf of the Cayman Islands Law Society

My Lord Chief Justice, Hon. Judges of the Grand Court, Hon. Chief Magistrate, Hon. Magistrates, Mr Attorney, Madam DPP, my colleagues at the Bar, our Special and Distinguished Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen If it may please my Lord I am very happy to provide this report on the activities of the Law Society. As has […]

Cayman Islands approves Legal Practitioners Law

From The Global Legal Post Following a week of hot debate, the controversial bill regulating the operation of Cayman Islands law firms and lawyers was approved unanimously on Friday. However, the matter is not yet completely final as the current version of the Legal Practitioners Bill is set to face significant changes in the legislative […]

Cayman Islands Premier to meet with opposition to hammer out issues related to Bill

From Antigua Observer GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, Mar. 12, CMC – Premier Alden McLaughlin is scheduled to meet with members of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) on Monday to iron out issues on the key provisions of the Legal Practitioners Bill before the debate resumes in the Legislature on Tuesday. According the McLaughlin, […]

Caymanian lawyer supports Cayman Islands proposed Legal Practitioners Bill

Letter on behalf David Collins, Partner at Walkers I am writing to express my support for the passing of the Legal Practitioners Bill. As a Caymanian partner at a local law firm, I am concerned to ensure that we pass legislation that provides a framework to support the progression of Caymanian lawyers, and protects our […]

The Editor Speaks: Hype

I had started this Editorial with a different headline when researching I happened upon an article written by Richard W. Rahn, chairman of Improbable Success Production, that appeared recently in the Cayman Compass. I have never read anything before from Richard Rahn but the title “Hype-driven disasters” attracted me because I had used the word […]

Cayman Finance urge movers of Private Member’s Motion to withdraw the motion

Cayman Finance statement in relation to the recent Private Member’s motion by Mr. Arden McLean and Mr. Winston Connolly In the context of the Private Member’s Motion, Cayman Finance strongly urges the movers of the motion and the other members of the House to remain focused on the need to protect the Cayman Islands Financial […]

Law firms accused of owing Cayman Islands millions in fees

From The Global Legal Post International law firms practicing Cayman law without a licence are under fire from opposition members of the Legislative Assembly on the offshore center who say they owe the nation $50 million in fees over the past decade. 180 lawyers identified The allegations were made during a debate of the proposed […]

The Editor speaks: Ludicrous motion – shame!!

Having lived here for 35 years and keenly watched meetings of the Legislative Assembly – my wife Joan being heavily involved in political campaigns in my early years – I have seen some ludicrous motions. However, never one as ludicrous at that brought to the very last sitting of the House by East End MLA […]

Cayman Islands Law Society statement on Private Member’s Motion

We are aware of the recent Private Member’s motion by Mr. Arden McLean and Mr. Winston Conolly. We strongly object to the allegations of any breaches of the laws of the Cayman Islands and we are concerned that this motion is simply a means of diverting attention from the merits of the Legal Practitioners Bill […]

CBA President welcomes Cayman Islands Government Legal Practitioners Bill

CBA President’s address at the opening of the Cayman Islands’ Grand Court My Lord Honourable Chief Justice, Honourable Justices of the Grand Court and Magistrates of the Summary Court, my colleagues at the Bar, Ladies and Gentleman, I rise on behalf of the Caymanian Bar Association (CBA) to second the motion of the Honourable Attorney […]