February 21, 2024

UK: Grenfell Towers public inquiry may be delayed if Corporate Manslaughter charges are filed

From WN The investigation into the Grenfell Towers fire is in danger of being suspended for a lengthy period of time if prosecutors decide to pursue corporate manslaughter charges, The Guardian reported. Last week, police officials identified Kensington and Chelsea council and the organization managing the tower as suspects which creates a potential conflict with Sir […]

Sri Lanka dengue outbreak kills nearly 300 people so far

From WN According to health officials on Monday, a dengue outbreak in Sri Lanka killed nearly 300 people so far and hospitals are stretched to capacity, Reuters reported. Health officials blame recent monsoon rains and floods leaving pools of stagnant water and rotting rain-soaked trash which is perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying the virus, […]

Two London schools fail fire safety tests following Grenfell Towers fir

From WN According to the Department of Education, two schools tested thus far for cladding in the aftermath of the Grenfell Towers fire failed combustibility tests, BBC News reported. Cladding in a London secondary academy and primary special school were found to be “not of limited combustibility,” the Department of Education said in a statement. […]