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Celebrate #WomenInScience with these 7 talented girls and women

BY REBECCA RUIZ From Mashable Women have long contributed to and transformed scientific knowledge, but they aren’t always widely recognized for their hard, brilliant work.Now that the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (#WomenInScience) is upon us, take…

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US: Majority of Key Haven survey respondents oppose GMO mosquito test

By NANCY KLINGENER From WLRN Miami, South Florida A survey of households in Key Haven, the neighborhood proposed for the first U.S. trial of genetically modified mosquitoes, found a majority of respondents opposed to the test. Researchers from the Bloomberg School of…

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Doctors think they have developed a successful penis-transplant procedure

By Tanya Lewis From Business Insider This entrepreneur wants to fix the transplant shortage by recycling human organs Doctors perform the world’s first penis transplant World’s first penis transplant patient to father a child Many of the soldiers returning from…

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No, dummy, scientists didn’t find a stupidity virus

From Forbes Some rather alarming media accounts yesterday proclaimed the discovery of a virus that makes people stupid – though as far as I can tell, no actual scientist used the word stupid, which is not precise enough to qualify…