February 21, 2024

The Editor Speaks: Who is the hypocrite?

I found ex Chamber of Commerce boss Johann Moxam’s accusation that the Progressives were vote buying and of hypocrisy was like the pot calling the kettle black. Moxam made his comments on CITN/Cayman27’s “The Panel” programme and if anyone was of any doubt about his political leanings they were dispelled. Exactly what has the Chamber […]

The Editor Speaks: I am surprised Chamber seems to support EY report but agree with bi-partisan support with private sector

In one of our lead stories today, “Cayman Islands Chamber says CS team to implement EY Report will have conflicts of interest”, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is calling on government for bi-partisan support with private sector experts to implement the Ernst & Young (EY) report for rationalisation of the Civil Service (CS). The […]

The Editor Speaks: I told you so!

I am not bragging with that headline. I am actually furious. I refer you to a previous Editorial I wrote on May 21 2014 entitled “Is it custom for Customs to make life hard for customers?” “Who in the world will benefit by knowing, for example, how many light bulbs we import and whether they […]

The Editor Speaks: Chamber and Premier and the Dump

I didn’t think I would be writing another Editorial featuring the number one burning and smoking Cayman topic – THE DUMP. Once again Grand Cayman’s George Town Landfill site (the Dump) is front page. This time it is not because it is burning again but it has become personal. It started first with what I […]