May 6, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Who is the hypocrite?

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Colin Wilsonweb2I found ex Chamber of Commerce boss Johann Moxam’s accusation that the Progressives were vote buying and of hypocrisy was like the pot calling the kettle black.

Moxam made his comments on CITN/Cayman27’s “The Panel” programme and if anyone was of any doubt about his political leanings they were dispelled.

Exactly what has the Chamber done to create jobs?

What exactly has the Chamber done to promote jobs for Caymanians.

The Chamber of Commerce is there to look after its members and that is its top priority.

When its past leader shouts “Vote buying is vote buying” when the hundreds of persons were grateful for the work put a blot firmly on the Chamber’s landscape.

He should have given more time saying how to find permanent jobs for these workers but he didn’t.

There is a huge unemployment problem that was actually worse when his friend McKeeva Bush’s UDP Party was in power.

Oh. He didn’t mention that, did he?

Instead he gave undisguised sarcasm to the Premier’s initiative in trying to form a partnership with an organization that is clearly politically motivated at the top and doesn’t have a mandate anyway to assist in the problem.

The only area I can agree with him, and he was only echoing what the wider community was saying – THE CLEAN-UP EXERCISE WAS A MISSED OPPORTUNITY TO REGISTER AND PROFILE UNEMPLOYED LOCALS!!

I was moved almost to tears when I heard some of these unemployed persons laments that they want to work but cannot find work. One person being interviewed actually did break down and cried.

So Mr Moxam you also gave up a great opportunity to show us what the Chamber’s answer to the unemployment problem is.

And you accuse the government of hypocrisy?

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