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Qasem Soleimani: Iran vows ‘severe revenge’ for top general’s death

From BBC Iran’s supreme leader has vowed “severe revenge” on those responsible for the death of top military commander Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani was killed by an air strike at Baghdad airport early on Friday ordered by US President Donald Trump….

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The 10 best Christmas vacations for 2019

Christmas is approaching fast and everybody seems to be excited and in the festive mood. Making vacation plans has been in progress for quite some time, but there are still those indecisive who cannot make the final decision on where…

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2,000-year-old Roman war arrow discovered in N. Israel

From Israeli archaeologists found a nearly 2,000-year-old Roman arrow in northern Israel, the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee said on Sunday. According to the researchers, the arrow was fired in the year 67 AD from a Roman…

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VC Lior Susan has a big idea that seems to be working: building next-generation industrial companies

By Connie Loizos From TechCrunch Many investors in Silicon Valley are waiting for the next big platform. That’s fine with Lior Susan,  a former Flex exec who in 2015 co-founded Eclipse Ventures with the legendary venture capitalist Pierre Lamond, long of Sequoia Capital. The…

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Hostilities flare up as rockets hit Israel from Gaza

From BBC Militants in the Gaza Strip have fired more than 200 rockets into Israel, the army says, prompting air strikes and tank fire on the Palestinian territory. Three Israelis were wounded by the rockets. Israeli fire killed three Palestinians,…

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Ilhan Omar: The 9/11 row embroiling the US congresswoman

From BBC A Democratic congresswoman says she will not be silenced after facing a barrage of criticism over comments she made about the 9/11 attacks – including from Donald Trump. The US president tweeted “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” alongside a video…

Foreign investments in Israel jumped 30% from 2015 to 2017

From Israel hayom 2017 saw investment by foreign residents and companies in Israeli ventures totaling $129.1 billion, more than 20% more than in 2016 and a 30% increase compared to 2015 • The U.S. was the leading foreign investor, followed…

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Destinations of the week

The top 25 places to travel around the world in 2019 – Part 1 By Janaki Jitchotvisut from Business Insider Travel website TripAdvisor polled millions of its users to come up with its 2019 list of favorite world destinations. Whether…

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What rise of Jeremy Corbyn means for the Middle East

By Martin Newland From Asia Times It is impossible to predict with any accuracy the political, economic and social developments in Brexit Britain over the course of this year. But whatever happens, there will be repercussions for the Middle East….

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UK: Jeremy Corbyn promises to ‘recognize Palestinian state as soon as we take office’

From PressTV British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has promised to recognize Palestinian state as soon as his party takes office in case of winning upcoming elections “In order to help make the two-state settlement a reality we will recognize…