February 5, 2023

Qualcomm’s new depth-sensing camera is surprisingly effective

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By Cherlynn Low From engadget The IR-based system could be the next dual camera. Dual cameras are so passé. Qualcomm is getting ready to define the next generation of cameras for the Android ecosystem. It’s adding three new camera modules to its Spectra Module Program, which lets device manufacturers select readymade parts for their products. […]

3D faces based on Facebook photos can fool security systems

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Facial recognition tech still has a ways to go. By Mariella Moon From engadget Facial recognition systems aren’t quite perfect yet and can still make mistakes especially when they’re assessing the faces of people of color. Now, a team of researchers from the University of North Carolina showed that companies developing security systems based on […]

WARNING Fake IRS Form W-8BEN doing the rounds here in Cayman

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Colin Wilson The attached letter and form was sent to me by a concerned reader asking me my opinion if I thought it was a fake. Immediately I said it was as NO GOVERNMENT WILL ASK YOU TO FAX IT TO A PHONE NUMBER. Upon further investigation I found this from the USA Official IRS […]