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Cayman Islands: Family office landscape

By Chris Larkin (EY) Cayman Finance From Mondaq There’s an industry adage that says “when you’ve seen one family office … you’ve seen one family office.” This is especially true in the current environment where many group structures either avoid…

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What Silicon Valley tech VCs get wrong about consumer investing

By Ryan Caldbeck From TechCrunch When I began fundraising for CircleUp six years ago, I encountered many investors whose eyes would glaze over when I mentioned “consumer.” These investors would fidget uncomfortably or drop their gaze when I explained that…

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Carbon nanotube transistors promise faster, leaner processors

By Jon Fingas From engadget Researchers have finally overcome the limitations that prevent carbon nanotubes from outrunning their old-school counterparts. The computing industry sees carbon nanotube transistors as something of a Holy Grail. They promise not just faster performance and…

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A real fight over virtual reality

By Jenna Greene, From The Litigation Daily The Oculus Rift, I am told by a reliable authority (my 16-year-old son), is awesome. The virtual reality headset is poised to transform the $90 billion video gaming industry and—at least according to…