December 2, 2023

This simple activity might keep your brain 10 years younger

By Mary Daly from Care2 Would you make a simple activity a habit if it had notable benefits for your cognitive function? The answer seems like a no-brainer. Cognitive decline is a common part of the aging process. But the good news is there are several ways to sustain — and possibly even improve — your cognitive […]

10 tips to avoid overindulging in holiday meals

By: Mary Daly From Care2 1. MAKE A HEALTHY GROCERY LIST If you’re planning a holiday party — or just going about your general grocery shopping — don’t set yourself up for failure. Make sure you include enough healthy items on your grocery list to offset the more indulgent foods. “Consider the health value of […]

This Caribbean diaspora resident is named International Entrepreneur of the Year

A Florida-based, Caribbean national has been honored with the title of International Entrepreneur of the Year. Dr. Kingsley Chin, a Jamaican-born spinal surgeon, inventor, entrepreneur, author and humanitarian, received the award recently from the Young Caribbean Professional Network, (YCPN), at the organization’s national fundraising event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Chin called it “an honor and […]

A Harvard doctor says these are the best exercises for your body

By Erin Brodwin  Business Insider From msn Instead of long-distance running, which can be hard on your joints and digestive system, Lee recommends five other types of workouts. They generate benefits that range from weight loss and muscle building to protecting your heart and brain and strengthening your bones. The findings are detailed in a Harvard […]

Miami Cancer Institute Names Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Miguel A. Medina III, M.D., Director of Microsurgery

MIAMI, FL – May 17, 2017 – Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Miguel A. Medina III, M.D., has joined the team of cancer specialists at Miami Cancer Institute, a part of Baptist Health South Florida. Dr. Medina will serve as the Institute’s director of microsurgery. He specializes in the treatment of patients requiring skilled plastic and […]

You’ve been breathing all wrong

By Erin Brodwin from Business Insider It’s literally the most boring thing you do every day. And thank goodness — if breathing weren’t completely rote, we’d all be dead. But if you’re like me, your inhales and exhales seem to be inexplicably linked with your state of mind. When I’m stressed, I steal antsy, shallow sips […]

Eating leafy greens may reduce glaucoma risk

By Victor Johnson From Immortal News Daily consumption of green leafy vegetables might reduce the risk of the serious eye disease glaucoma by 20 percent or more, new research suggests. The eye condition known as glaucoma, which can lead to vision loss, generally develops as a result of an increase in fluid in the front […]

Lab mice get addicted to sun exposure, you might too

By Deborah Netburn From LA Times A new study helps explain why we can’t stop sunbathing, even when we know it’s bad for us. The biology of sunbathing. Why does it feel so good? Does basking in the sun make you feel relaxed and happy, like nothing can bother you? There may be a biological […]

Ageing process can be reversed in animal studies

From Caribbean360 While human therapies are likely to be a distant prospect, the Harvard Medical School research team wants to start clinical trials in 2015. (Credit: CONNECTICUT, United States, Thursday January 2, 2014 – In what has been referred to as an “exciting finding” by other scientists, American researchers have performed a significant reversal […]