December 2, 2023

Obama made one of history’s greatest stock market calls 9 years ago

By Akin Oyedele From Business Insider The stock market fell to its lowest level of the recession nine years ago on March 6, 2009. Days earlier, Obama said, “What you’re now seeing is profit-and-earnings ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long-term […]

Americans aren’t having children and it might help the economy

BY JESSICA KWONG From Newsweek Americans are having fewer children and it might be a good thing for the economy—according to a study by a nonprofit called Negative Population Growth, Inc. Between 2007, which was the year before the Great Recession, and 2016, the number of U.S. births dropped by 338,000, or 8.7 percent, the […]

One eye-popping chart explains the state of retail jobs

By Elena Holodny From Business Insider Retail has seen quite the shake-up amid the rise of Amazon and other online distributors. The demand for “traditional” retail jobs — such as cashiers in malls — is drying up as companies continue to close physical stores. At the same time, more jobs are available in non-store retail positions […]

Prices for collector cars are plummeting

By Wolf Richter, Wolf Street From Business Insider Prices of collector cars fell again, according to the April report byHagerty, which specializes in insuring vintage automobiles. After a tremendous price surge that peaked in 2015, they’ve been ratcheting their way down ever so slowly. But it adds up after a while. The “Hagerty Market Rating […]

America has 323 million credit cards — enough for every person in the US

By Michael Douglass, The Motley Fool From Business Insider We all know how dangerous credit cards can be. They lure you in with seductive offers, and then — if you’re not careful — you can get hooked, and end up in a spiral of debt. It gets scarier when people have multiple credit cards that […]

The rise of reloadable prepaid cards could affect the way millennials approach banking

By Evan Bakker,  BI Intelligence From Business Insider Prepaid cards were originally targeted at consumers with minimal access to financing or bank accounts. However, the appeal of these cards has broadened, attracting traditional banking customers as well. This is because the formula behind prepaid cards resonates with the growing population of debt-averse consumers — namely, […]