August 19, 2022

Choudhury Investigation – Governor will NOT be returning to the Cayman Islands

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From the Governor’s Office Following an investigation into a number of allegations Mr Choudhury will not return to the Cayman Islands as Governor, but will return to another diplomatic posting in London. A short term successor will be appointed soon while the recruitment process for a permanent replacement is underway. The FCO will not be […]

The Editor Speaks: No time for a weak heart

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If I had a weak heart I don’t think I would be writing this Editorial. I have left it until late in the day because over the past 48 hours everything has changed. In fact what I heard was going on yesterday (Sunday) I decided not to comment on because I had a feeling it […]

The Editor speaks: HRC filed and I am not surprised

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I have received a copy of a Human Rights Complaint (HRC) filed by John Evans re Aina (read Tempura) sent to the HRC, Cayman Islands. Whilst I am not surprised Evans filed it, I am surprised it took him so long to do it, as I know he was extremely upset and angry when he […]