September 16, 2021

The Editor Speaks: No time for a weak heart

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If I had a weak heart I don’t think I would be writing this Editorial.

I have left it until late in the day because over the past 48 hours everything has changed.

In fact what I heard was going on yesterday (Sunday) I decided not to comment on because I had a feeling it would be old news.

It would have been and not worth repeating.

Even McKeeva Bush left the Island over the weekend.

Upon his return he’s back again as the heir apparent to be The Speaker of the House. His clasp on becoming Premier again was wrenched from him even before the ink on his signature was dry.

We have now received a Message from the Governor’s Office and a new name that I hadn’t heard mentioned before was there and had appeared before Her Excellency Governor Helen Kilpatrick with McKeeva and Alden McLaughlin. A member of the elected Independents – Austin Harris.

The Governor’s Message was short and just said:

Statement from the Governor
“This afternoon I met with elected representatives Honourable Alden McLaughlin, Jr, MBE, Honourable McKeeva Bush, OBE, Mr Moses Kirkconnell, JP, Mr Austin Harris and Captain Eugene Ebanks. Mr McLaughlin provided me with evidence that he had sufficient support to form a “Government of National Unity”.
“Accordingly, I have signed the proclamation to call a session of the Legislative Assembly for 10:00am Wednesday, 31st May 2017 for the purposes of swearing in all newly elected and appointed Members of the Legislative Assembly, voting for a Premier pursuant to section 49 (3) of the Constitution of the Cayman Islands, and other attendant matters. Mr McLaughlin has indicated that he will be seeking election to the position of Premier and Mr Bush to Speaker of the House.”

I understand when someone asked McKeeva if he was going to change his mind again he said “I always keep my word.”

That is just hearsay but I had to smile.

Until the meeting is over on Wednesday at The Legislative Assembly and the votes are counted I am not saying any of the above is Gospel.

I hope this last foray is really the last. Even my heart cannot take much more. It is not everlasting.

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