September 23, 2021

The Editor Speaks: When we bring Big Brother on ourselves

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I have an instant hate of the ‘Big Brother Is Watching You’ that governments around the world have been installing. From cameras placed outside watching our every movement and cameras house owners/business owners actually themselves install inside their dwellings/places of business, all for security concerns. Governments justify their use as it is for our own […]

The Editor Speaks: Why do the poor countries allow their leaders to live a life that rivals Royalty?

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In an article we have published today titled “Filthy Rich” it highlights the lavish lifestyle of Africa’s longest self-serving dictators. The article states: “The former First Family of Zimbabwe – The Mugabes – deposed by the military, after the tanks rolled out on a weekend now four weeks gone, must surely rank top of this […]

Why George Orwell is returning to the BBC

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By Vincent Dowd From BBC The BBC headquarters in London has got a new resident: he’s tall, bronze and likes a smoke. A statue of novelist George Orwell now adorns the exterior of New Broadcasting House, a few minutes from where Orwell worked as a radio producer during World War Two. But what was the […]

3 things from the book ‘1984’ that seem especially chilling today

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By Thomas E. Ricks, Foreign Policy From Business Insider Some critics speculated that George Orwell’s relevance would fade after the year 1984. Harold Bloom wrote in 1987 that Orwell’s great novel of totalitarianism,1984, threatened to become a period piece, such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Even the literary critic Irving Howe, a longtime supporter of Orwell, […]

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