December 2, 2023

John Berryhill explains why moving to an offshore registrar is not always a good idea

BY RAYMOND HACKNEY From The Domains One of the thoughts behind the reason why moved to Uniregistry was that they wanted to get out from U.S. jurisdiction, a common thought among many when dealing with a controversial website. John Berryhill explained why that is not really a great idea. In the case of Uniregistry […]

US Justice Department’s threat to social media giants is wrong

By Jonathan Shieber From TechCrunch Never has it been so clear that the attorneys charged with enforcing the laws of the country have a complete disregard for the very laws they’re meant to enforce. As executives of Twitter and Facebook took to the floor of the Senate to testify about their companies’ response to international […]

Rubio commends marchers; Calls for finding ‘Common Ground’

By Sandy Fitzgerald From Newsmax Sen. Marco Rubio has come under fire by protesters at Saturday’s “March For Our Lives” rally for accepting donations from the National Rifle Association, but he said he commends the marchers in Washington and across the nation for exercising their First Amendment rights. “I commend those who today are peacefully […]

Labeling loot boxes as ‘gambling’ isn’t just dangerous for EA. It’s dangerous for gamers, too.

BY ADAM ROSENBERG From Mashable It’s possible for “Loot boxes can be bad in video games” and “Loot boxes are not actually a form of gambling” to both be true. On Tuesday, Chris Lee, a member of Hawaii’s House of Representatives, posted a video on YouTube addressing “predatory practices at Electronic Arts and other companies.” […]

We’ve crossed the free speech Rubicon

BY LANCE ULANOFF From Mashable After decades of operating in the shadows of the web, online racists are now the focus of deserved intense anger and sudden action by the entities that once blithely hosted them. While there’s never been a tacit endorsement from the internet’s gatekeepers (those who host content, services, product offers, etc.), […]

Do [US] taxpayer dollars fund religious freedom – or discrimination?

 By Katherine Gypson From Voice of America CAPITOL HILL— A prayer opens every day of business on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. A military chaplain buys religious vestments from a federal contractor. A religious charity sets up a soup kitchen using government grant dollars. Each one of these acts reflects the complex everyday interactions between […]

Facebook bomb threat comment raises Free Speech questions

By P.J. D’Annunzio, From The Legal Intelligencer The First Amendment case of a high school student suspended for making a Facebook post about a bomb threat entered murky constitutional waters Tuesday when a federal judge said the law was conflicted as to whether students can be punished by schools for Internet remarks. On Oct. 23, 2013, […]

US suit: City ordered gallery to remove painting of naked butt

By Charles Toutant, From New Jersey Law Journal An art gallery that was cited for displaying a painting depicting a woman’s bare buttocks has filed a First Amendment suit against the City of Englewood. The Borghi Fine Art Gallery and owner Laura Borghi filed their suit April 13 in federal court in Newark. Englewood and its […]

America: Where demagogues win?

By Rebecca Theodore From Caribbean News Now Aside from the blatant fact of observing the suppression of freedom of speech in a presidential election campaign – something that America forbids in many democratic nations of the world, the great irony is that demagogues are now a part of the natural life cycle of democracy in […]

Madonna backs Sean Penn in defamation suit against Lee Daniels

By Celia Ampel, From Daily Business Review The Miami attorneys defending “Empire” creator Lee Daniels in a defamation suit filed by actor Sean Penn are not deterred by Madonna’s affidavit swearing the actor never assaulted her. “The fact that Penn felt the need to replace his initial complaint with a new filing is an undeniable […]