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Eric Watson

New plot twist in Eric Watson show as associates plead guilty to insider trading

By Bevan Hurley From Stuff.NZ One was a Cayman Island-based stockbroker and film producer whose credits include the little known crime-comedy Badass Thieves. The other was a search engine expert who ran financial websites promoting supposedly savvy share tips. Now both Oliver…

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The trials of Eric Watson

By Brian Gaynor From NZ Herald Courtroom defeats have left the high-flying businessman facing huge demands for payment. Eric Watson, the high-profile businessman, has hit two massive speed bumps in recent months. On July 31, the High Court of England…

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Rich-lister Eric Watson’s Cullen Group defends $60m tax avoidance allegations in High Court [Cayman Islands named]

By JOHN ANTHONY From STUFF The IRD alleges Eric Watson’s company Cullen Group avoided paying nearly $60m in taxes. A company belonging to rich-lister, Eric Watson owes the government nearly $60 million in unpaid tax, the commissioner for the Inland…