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US seeks power to seize your overseas clients’ data on cloud servers

Microsoft “Ireland” case raises fears as appeal nears By Rebekah Mintzer, From Corporate Counsel Widespread adoption of cloud computing has been a game changer for many businesses. However, the high-profile data privacy case that pits Microsoft Corp. against the U.S….

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[US] DOJ Inspector General says access to information is stymied

By Jenna Greene, From Legal Times, Faced with FBI stonewalling and lack of prompt access to documents, U.S. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz told the House oversight committee on Tuesday that his ability to do his job is being…

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U.S. removes names from no fly list for the first time

By Jessica Plautz From Mashable The U.S. government has removed seven people from the No Fly List following a decision by a U.S. district court that the procedures in place for challenging placement on the list was unconstitutional. The Department…

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The Government crackdown on offshore tax dodging just got real

By Alan Pyke From Think Progress Over 77,000 separate foreign banks and financial firms will start sharing information on their American accountholders with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in cooperation with a major crackdown on offshore tax evasion, the Associated…

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US court rejects banking associations challenge to Caribbean offshore tax compliance

From Caribbean360 The DOJ said that the Florida Bankers Association and Texas Bankers Association had challenged the 2012 amendments to the Department of the Treasury’s interest-reporting regulations. WASHINGTON D.C., United States, Thursday January 16, 2014, CMC – The United States…