July 4, 2022

Stanford students recreated a 5,000-year-old Chinese beer

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By Derrick Rossignol It’s so old it took an archeologist to discover the recipe. Homebrewing is a niche hobby today, but before the industrialization of the industry, a lot of beer was made in people’s kitchens. Li Liu, a professor in Chinese archaeology at Stanford, was part of a team that recently discovered a 5,000-year-old […]

Drinking a pint from an espresso-inspired beer tap

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By Nick Summers From engadget I’m tired of walking into musty pubs and ordering pints that are bland, poured incorrectly, or twice the price of the nearest off-licence. If I weren’t meeting friends, I’d be out the door faster than Road Runner. Of course, more than a few social drinkers share my apathy, so a […]