January 17, 2022

Cayman Islands police: No Tolerance approach to parking in disabled parking place “Blue Spot”

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From RCIPS The RCIPS would like to remind members of the public that Disabled Parking Spaces, or “Blue Spots” as they are often called because they are painted blue, are only to be used by persons with a disabled card that is visibly displayed in their vehicle. Able-bodied persons who park their vehicle in disabled […]

The Editor Speaks: “No Tolerance” or “Zero Tolerance”. What happened to “Tolerant”?

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These expressions are the same and mean the same. They are usually barked at us by the law. The law that is presumably made up of human beings. Human beings who are presumed to have a brain. Robots are machines and programmed. They have no brain. If we are going to adopt a “No Tolerance” […]