January 23, 2022

The Editor Speaks: “No Tolerance” or “Zero Tolerance”. What happened to “Tolerant”?

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These expressions are the same and mean the same. They are usually barked at us by the law. The law that is presumably made up of human beings.

Human beings who are presumed to have a brain.

Robots are machines and programmed. They have no brain.

If we are going to adopt a “No Tolerance” or “Zero Tolerance” approach to everything then we need no persons with a brain. A brain is used to discern the exceptions to every rule.

The RCIPS are very fond of the words “No Tolerance”.

They have used them today in a press release warning persons not to park in Disabled Parking Spaces, or “Blue Spots” as they are often called because they are painted blue.

The heading – “No Tolerance approach to parking in disabled parking place”.

I agree 100% in their reminder that bodily abled persons must not park in these spots and if they do they will be fined.

“Able-bodied persons who park their vehicle in disabled spots, do so with great inconsideration for the people who genuinely need the parking space due to a legitimate disability.”

100% agree.

Where I have a problem is the next paragraph.

“Officers of the RCIPS, going forward have been directed to adopt a no tolerance approach to this traffic violation offense as complaints are on the rise. RCIPS encourage all members of our communities to be mindful and respectful of the needs of persons with legitimate disabilities reminding all that parking in a disabled spot without a valid disability permit is illegal.”

A directive of “NO TOLERANCE”!

Not everyone who is disabled can quickly obtain a valid disability permit but it is very easy to see the person is disabled especially outside a hospital. It is temporary but they sure are disabled.

My wife, who is in her eighties, received a ticket six month ago when she was very much disabled. She had a torn ligament in the leg and needed the aid of a walker. Every parking space at the George Town Hospital was taken, except for THREE Blue SPOTS.

A police car was illegally parked along the access road outside the hospital. A female and male officer were inside. They watched her walk slowly inside the hospital with the walker. Thirty minutes later, when she returned, the two Blue Spots were still unoccupied but she had a ticket stuck on her windscreen.


As I get older I find it harder to have tolerance against the way the elderly are totally disregarded except for “The Month of The Elderly”. And what do they get then? A blanket invite to a hall for some food.

Very nice.

However, the elderly are still old the remaining eleven months and they get no Blue Spots, no free travel tickets, no discounts from anything that government handles, and  no tolerance from nearly everybody.

And the police give the elderly NO TOLERANCE when they can’t find anywhere else to park! Never mind if you have no legs, you still need a valid ticket to park in that blue spot or you’ll get a different sort of ticket from the RCIPS!!

I can expect that approach from a robot but not human beings. Are the police changing the category they are in?

It would appear I now know.

If they do reply to me I doubt if I will have enough tolerance to answer them.

PS. Joan tried to pay the ticket at the hospital but they directed her to the office in town near Burger King/Courts. There was nowhere for her to park except for a space with a yellow line right outside the entrance. A privately hired security guard at first told her she couldn’t park there but, after he realised her age and needed the walker, he let her. He even helped her into the treasury office, waited for her to pay the fine, and helped her back to her car. He was TOLERANT!

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