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Dengue Fever

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Cayman: 6 cases of dengue confirmed

Dengue Case Update Public Health Officials continue their close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) to ensure appropriate measures are undertaken to mitigate the health impact in the Islands as the region…

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Cayman Islands: Dengue update as of February 15, 2019

From Cayman Islands Public Health department While a regional and international outbreak of dengue continues, the Public Health Department has committed to providing the Cayman Islands public with updates on the local situation. Since the last advisory on dengue fever…

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Dengue prevention and awareness urged

Local health officials are urging Cayman Islands residents to be aware of the symptoms of dengue as a precaution following increased activity in the region. With the frequency of travel between the Cayman Islands and other destinations in the region,…