March 22, 2023

Real-Time Video Identification – Practical approach to combat payment fraud

Real-Time Video Identification – Practical Approach to Combat Payment Fraud Since the advent of digitization, customer behavior patterns are permanently changed. They are demanding more convenience and touchless financial services. While payment service providers are making effort to meet client requirements, they are unwillingly attracting more criminal threats. Fraudsters see digital transactions as their ticket […]

Through human and conventional openings, successful breaches happening at dizzying speeds

By Ricci Dipshan, From Legaltech News Hackers and cybercriminals are posing as employees to access company systems and finding success exploiting in traditional weak spots Law firm cyberthreats may have evolved over the past year to rely more on insider threats to quickly breach systems, but many still use tried-and-true approaches such as vulnerability hacking and […]

10 lessons from FTC Guidance on Data Security

By Marc S. Roth From Corporate Counsel “Not if, but when.” These simple words are enough to keep corporate counsel, compliance officers and IT managers up at night when faced with the reality that their network will at some point be breached. This is no surprise given the spate of corporate breaches and unauthorized network […]