July 4, 2022

The role of fathers in overweight prevention: an analysis of a Caribbean cohort

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J. A. Smith (a1), K. D. Rocke (a1), S. M. Charles (a2) (a3), S. M. Chang (a1) … https://doi.org/10.1017/gheg.2018.12 Published online: 28 August 2018 Abstract BackgroundFamily-based strategies to reduce the risk of overweight in childhood are needed in the Caribbean. AimTo investigate the associations between parental characteristics and risk of overweight and explore possible mechanisms. […]

Caribbean Islands to have 3D printed coral reefs

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From Qll3DP The Caribbean Island of Bonaire is bringing 3D printing to the coast, with an ambitious plan to help preserve fragile coral reefs. Coral reefs contain an extremely diverse ecosystem, and are important for protecting coastlines and a variety of underwater creatures. They’re also in grave danger because of growing hazards like pollution, climate […]