April 13, 2021

False tsunami warning sent to the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

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By KALHAN ROSENBLATT From NBC News Some residents along the East Coast received a false tsunami warning on Tuesday morning after a private company sent out an alert following a monthly test by the National Weather Service. A tweet from the National Weather Service (NWS) in Charleston, South Carolina, said the alert was sent around […]

US: UPDATE: Tsunami warnings canceled after magnitude-7.9 earthquake off Alaska I Tsunami warning in effect after magnitude-7.9 earthquake off Alaska

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UPDATE: (CNN)Forecasters canceled tsunami warnings for Alaska and the US and Canadian west coasts Tuesday after an earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska stoked fears of damaging waves. The tsunami alerts were canceled “because additional information and analysis have better defined the threat,” said the National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska. Small tsunami waves […]