June 30, 2022

The Editor Speaks: Unfortunate response to OMOV from premier

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I have to say I was very disappointed in Premier Alden McLaughlin’s response to the query regarding when the One Man One Vote (OMOV) would be tabled. He answered that it is not a current priority and this was the reason it isn’t featured in government’s legislative agenda FOR THIS YEAR. The premier must know […]

The Editor Speaks: How much did the “antics” of the UDP government actually cost us?

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This is the season of a “new beginning” and “working together” so I had better not put a “spanner into the works” and ask the question “how much did the “antics” of the UDP government actually cost us?” For ‘antics’ one could politely substitute the word ‘mismanagement’, for ‘UDP government’ substitute ‘ex-premier McKeeva Bush’ and […]

Backbencher announces initiative to find jobs for young Caymanians

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Speaking to CNS, government backbencher and Bodden Town representative Al Suckoo, said: “I am taking the initiative to meet with our students and assist them because of the growing number of complaints from young people stating that they are not being given entry level opportunities when they make applications. A large number are unable to […]