March 5, 2021

Backbencher announces initiative to find jobs for young Caymanians

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ALVA-SUCKOO210X277Speaking to CNS, government backbencher and Bodden Town representative Al Suckoo, said:

“I am taking the initiative to meet with our students and assist them because of the growing number of complaints from stating that they are not being given entry level opportunities when they make applications. A large number are unable to get interviews and when they do attend interviews they are told they have no experience.

“I made representations to the previous government and pleaded with them to address it. Many of our young people feel they have no representation within government and many point to the events of years gone by as evidence that they were not considered a vital part of our society. We cannot have the future of this country starting off their lives feeling as if they are not a key ingredient for a safe, prosperous and united Cayman Islands.

“We have to ensure that our young people are able to transition to the labour force and I will continue to lobby Cabinet and harass the Immigration and labour boards and departments until the situation changes.”

Suckoo is also chair of a task force to review the new National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA).

“The objective of the task force is to ensure that NWDA is able to fulfill its mandate as a workforce development agency and to ensure that the mandate given to the agency is realistic and achievable,” he said. “I am confident, however, that the end result will be very positive and will assist in reducing the level of unemployment among Caymanians.”

To contact Al Suckoo for assistance finding work, college and university leavers are asked to call him on 943-7652, email: [email protected] or stop by the BT PPM MLA office at 8 Homestead Crescent (Behind Wendy’s Savannah).



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