May 13, 2021

New ‘Judy’ malware on Android may have infected 36 million devices

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By Yoni Heisler From BGR There’s a new piece of Android malware on the loose and it’s a doozy. Originally discovered by researchers at Check Point last week, the malware has been dubbed “Judy” and is potentially one of the most widely spread pieces of Android malware we’ve seen to date. It’s currently believed that […]

Malware uses Facebook and LinkedIn images to hijack your PC (updated)

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By Jon Fingas From engadget Malware doesn’t always have to attack your computer through browser- or OS-based exploits. Sometimes, it’s the social networks themselves that can be the problem. Researchers at Check Point have discovered that a variant of known ransomware, Locky, is taking advantage of flaws in the way Facebook and LinkedIn (among others) […]