March 21, 2023

Does the CCJ have anything to say to the Guyana Government and the people of the Caribbean?

By Dr. Kirk Meighoo I join the handful of Caribbean citizens who have called on CARICOM to issue an official statement on the breach of the Guyanese Constitution and of the ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice to hold elections no later than 18 September 2019. I, along with other right-thinking Caribbean citizens, furthermore call on the Caribbean Court […]

CCJ affirms Guyana’s no confidence motion

From The Caribbean Court of Justice  The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled on a trio of cases related to the motion of no confidence that was made in the National Assembly of Guyana on 21 December 2018. In the judgment delivered today, the CCJ declared that the motion of no confidence in the Government […]

CCJ President says Caribbean people need more information about the functions of the Court

From Nation News PORT OF SPAIN – The President of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Justice Adrian Saunders says he remains convinced that in order to gain stronger support in the region, more information must be provided to the Caribbean public about the regional court. The CCJ was established in 2001 to replace […]

Sir Dennis praises Caribbean Court of Justice’s accomplishments

From St Kitts & Nevis Observer BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Former President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), the Right Honourable Sir Dennis Byron, a native of St. Kitts and Nevis, has praised the accomplishments of the Trinidad-based court, which was established in 2005 to replace the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as […]

The Caribbean Court of Justice revisited

To Kaieteur News By David ComissiongBarbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM DEAR EDITOR, I suspect that the primary reason why the people of Grenada and Antigua & Barbuda voted on 6th November 2018 not to accept the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as their highest national Court of Appeal is because – fundamentally – most of our […]

Guyana: Political crisis looms – APNU+AFC refuses to step down

By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian More than a week after Prime Minister Moses Nagamotoo had publicly accepted the results of a no-confidence motion that was passed against the government, and President David Granger had also accepted it by way of a written statement in which he promised an election in 90 days, the incumbent has suddenly […]

Letter to CaribNN: Why is it so hard to amend Caribbean constitutions?

By C. ben-David To Caribbean News Now Dear Sir: On Tuesday, November 6, the citizens of Antigua/Barbuda and Grenada soundly rejected the entreaties of local and regional elites to vote “yes” in separate referenda to replace the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) with the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as their highest appellate […]

CCJ rules Guyana’s cross-dressing law unconstitutional

From CCJ (PRESS RELEASE) — The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled that a law in Guyana, which makes it a criminal offence for a man or a woman to appear in a public place while dressed in clothing of the opposite sex for an “improper purpose”, is unconstitutional. The law, Section 153(1)(xlvii) of the […]

SVG Diaspora Committee to host public lecture on role of CCJ

BY NELSON A. KING From Caribbean Life The Brooklyn-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines Diaspora Committee of New York, Inc., says it will be collaborating with Brooklyn’s Medgar Evers College in hosting a public lecture, at the college’s Founders Auditorium, on Nov. 30, on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Sherrill-Ann Mason Haywood, chairperson of […]

Civil society role critical to advance CCJ, says former president

By LK Hewlett From Caribbean News Now BASSETERRE, St Kitts (WINN) — Former president of the Caribbean Court of Justice Sir Dennis Byron has weighed in on why two more Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries have rejected the CCJ. Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada both held referenda on Tuesday to decide if their countries would move […]