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Does the CCJ have anything to say to the Guyana Government and the people of the Caribbean?

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By Dr. Kirk Meighoo

I join the handful of Caribbean citizens who have called on CARICOM to issue an official statement on the breach of the Guyanese Constitution and of the ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice to hold elections no later than 18 September 2019.

I, along with other right-thinking Caribbean citizens, furthermore call on the Caribbean Court of Justice or the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission to make a statement or otherwise seek to have the CCJ ruling of 18 June 2019implemented.

If the Caribbean Court of Justice wishes to become the final court of Appeal for all CARICOM countries, then it must demonstrate that its rulings can be respected and enforced. If not, other Caribbean countries will – unfortunately – continue to hold on to the Privy Council as the source of ultimate justice.

Dr. Kirk Meighoo

Political Analyst, former Independent Senator


Trinidad and Tobago


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