September 26, 2023

End Orphanage Child Trafficking

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From Freedom United August 2018: We have reached out to Global Vision International, Go Overseas, WorkAway, Love Volunteers, African Impact and Plan My Gap Year calling on them to join organizations such as Volunteer Service Overseas who have taken a stand against orphanage placements, publishing a statement on their website in 2016. Traffickers and dishonest children’s homes are […]

Take a stand against orphanage trafficking this summer

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By Miriam Karmali, From Freedom United “He dressed us up looking poor so the visitors see us, they feel pity for us, and they donate more. But they don’t really know what was going on inside the orphanage.”Sinet Chan, Cambodian Children’s Trust ambassador, describing her experience in an orphanage as a child.[1] Did you know […]