March 21, 2023

Give us our birdman back! Jamaican government demands return of two Caribbean sculptures that have been in London for more than 200 years

By Henry Goodwin From Daily Mail UK The sculptures depict a rain god and a birdman and are both around 3ft tall Both carvings, thought to have been made by the Taino people, are at the British Museum Jamaica’s culture minister said they are ‘priceless’ and ‘significant to the story of Jamaica’ Jamaica is demanding the return of a pair […]

Mysterious rock art uncovered in caves on uninhabited Caribbean island

By James Rogers From Fox News Experts have uncovered a vast array of mysterious pre-Columbian rock art in the caves of a remote uninhabited Caribbean island. Archaeologists explored around 70 cave systems on Puerto Rico’s Mona island. The thousands of designs, created centuries ago, comprise the largest concentration of indigenous pre-Columbian rock art in the […]

16th Century Biblical inscriptions discovered in Caribbean cave

By Veronica Neffinger From Christian Headlines Cave inscriptions dating back to the sixteenth century have been discovered in a cave on a small island in the Caribbean.  According to, the inscriptions include both indigenous art and Christian inscriptions from European explorers.  The cave is almost half a mile long and contains nearly 250 indigenous markings, […]

London myths are falling down

London myths are falling down: 8 popular misconceptions about visiting By Frances Ambler From Eurocheapo Thanks to EuroCheapo correspondents across Europe, we now know that all Parisians aren’t the height of chic, and that Barcelona isn’t full of sangria-guzzling locals. Now it’s time to leap on the next Eurostar to debunk a few myths about […]