November 28, 2021

Study: Cutting calories not the key to losing weight

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By HealthDay From Newsmax Simply cutting calories is NOT the key to losing weight, according to a new clinical trial. The secret to shedding pounds is eating a low-carb, high-fat diet, researchers found. Among 164 adults in a weight-loss study, those placed on a low-carb, high-fat diet burned more daily calories, versus those given high-carb […]

Anonymous-linked hacker rescued at sea and then arrested

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By Timothy J. Seppala From engadget A Disney cruise ship picked him up off the coast of Cuba and delivered him to the FBI in Miami. A purported member of online activist group Anonymous was arrested by the FBI in Miami after a Disney cruise ship rescued him and his wife from a sailboat near Cuba. […]

Boston Children’s Hospital preps surgeons with custom 3D-printed models

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By Billy Steele From engadget Undoubtedly, 3D printing has taken root in a variety of disciplines, and medicine is no stranger to leveraging its tool kit. At Boston Children’s Hospital, surgeons are using printed models to prep for the operating room. “With 3D printing, we’re taking a step that allows experienced doctors to simulate the […]