September 25, 2022

GE will spin off its healthcare business and split from oil giant Baker Hughes in a massive reorganization

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By Joe Ciolli From Business Insider General Electric will spin off its healthcare business and divest its stake in oil-services company Baker Hughes, it said in a statement on Tuesday. The moves come as part of a broad corporate reorganization that sees GE trying to shore up its balance sheet and streamline its businesses. General […]

2015 was brutal for oil stocks, and one industry guru thinks 2016 might be even worse

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By Bob Bryan From Business Insider Energy stocks had a monumentally bad year in 2015. The iShares Global energy ETF, which does a decent job at tracking the industry as a whole, was down over 20%. Oil prices tumbled, earnings dried up, and there were massive layoffs. It can only go up from here, right? Wrong, […]