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You don’t need to use sunscreen above SPF 30 — but there’s another rating you should be looking at

By Lindsay Dodgson, From Business Insider Sunscreen with a high SPF rating is the best protection for your skin from harmful UV rays. But there’s another rating you should be looking at too. It’s called the star rating, and you…

The Editor Speaks: If the host of Rooster’s Cayman Cross Talk would be removed would the government return to their air waves?

This is a hypothetical question but nearly each day Premier Alden McLaughlin’s government is being slammed since they cancelled their weekly appearances on Cross Talk. The general consensus why this is, that host Woody DaCosta, does not decry and even…

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The Editor speaks

Judge “Uncomfortable”. So should we all I had heard that under Cayman Islands law no doctor could be sued at the Cayman Islands Hospital if a patient suffers death or injury as a result of their negligence. I found it…