April 1, 2023

Leave prostate screening to men, their docs: panel

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From Newsmax Whether to get screened for prostate cancer is a question that men aged 55 to 69 should decide themselves in consultation with their doctors, according to finalized guidance issued Tuesday by an influential panel of health care experts. New evidence suggests that PSA blood tests can slightly reduce the chances of dying from […]

A new study found it may not matter whether you cut fat or carbs to lose weight — and it proves what dieters have known all along

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By Lindsay Dodgson From Business Insider new study didn’t find much of a difference between healthy low-fat and low-carb diets. People on the two diets lost about the same amount of excess weight. Participants were encouraged not just to go for low-carb or low-fat options but to look for healthy, nutritious replacements. After the study, […]

More and more pregnant women are using marijuana — but it could be dangerous

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By Andrew Joseph, STAT From Business Insider More pregnant women are using marijuana now than a decade ago, and the rate is particularly high among younger pregnant women, according to a new analysis of survey data published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. For the analysis, researchers from Columbia University combed through data […]