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Swiss Consul General meets Cayman Governor

Consul General speaks Gov Consuls 1 GroupConsul General of Switzerland in Atlanta, USA, Mr. Andreas M. Maager called on Her Excellency the Governor, Mrs. Helen Kilpatrick, CB, during his first official visit to the Cayman Islands in May.

Their discussions included possible collaboration between the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, including joint projects, such as the Swiss apprenticeship system, green energy and waste management.

Some interesting parallels between Switzerland and the Cayman Islands were also raised; among them: both countries have a largely service based economy with tourism and finance sectors being important elements, as well as a large expatriate population and workforce.

It was also noted that currently several young Caymanians are or have been in training in Switzerland. These include persons on football scholarships and on secondment from the private sector.

During his visit, Mr. Maager called on the Premier, Hon. Alden McLaughlin, MBE, JP; Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon., JP; Ministers Hon. Wayne Panton and Hon. Marco Archer and the Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Samuel Rose. Accompanying Mr. Maager was Swiss Honorary Consul in the Cayman Islands, Capt. Peter Schmid.

As Consul General in Atlanta, Mr. Maager has jurisdiction over 11 south-eastern states in the United States plus Consular responsibility for the Cayman Islands. Non-Swiss residents in the Cayman Islands can apply to his office to seek visitor visas to Switzerland and the Schengen area. For Swiss citizens, the Consulate General provides help in administrative matters including registration, passports, old age and disability insurance planning information as well as legalizations and naturalizations.

At a reception for Swiss nationals, Honorary Consuls and other guests at the Grand Old House on Thursday, 22 May 2014, Mr. Maager noted commonalities between the two jurisdictions including the financial and tourism industries.

Switzerland has four national languages, three of which – German, French and Italian – are official languages. Many official documents are also available in English, he indicated. Some 70 Swiss nationals, including dual citizenship holders, call the Cayman Islands home, Mr. Schmid said.

Photo captions: Photos by Bina Mani(GIS)

Photo 1: Her Excellency the Governor, Mrs. Helen Kilpatrick, CB, met with Consul General of Switzerland in Atlanta, Mr. Andreas M. Maager (left) and Swiss Honorary Consul in the Cayman Islands, Capt. Peter Schmid. Mr. Maager was on his first official visit to the Cayman Islands.

Photo 2: At a reception hosted by the Consul General of Switzerland in Atlanta, (from left) unofficial Honorary Consul for India, Dr. Krishna Mani; Swiss Consul General, Mr. Andreas Maager and Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Samuel Rose

Photo 3: The Swiss Consul General addresses the gathering.



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