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Surprise your loved ones with these kitchen appliances

The holidays are upon us! Aside from the snuggle-up weather and added cheer in the air, gift-giving is also in people’s minds. If you’re looking for something practical, check out these kitchen appliances that any of your loved ones will go gaga for. 

  • Quesadilla maker: Here’s one that would really wow anyone who loves to cook. With the quesadilla maker, your loved one will be able to cook restaurant-quality quesadillas at home and be in control with whatever stuffing they like. 
  • Electric kettle: This can be a one-button, plug-and-play electric kettle that is absolutely inexpensive or a spectacularly well-designed smart kettle that connects to your wi-fi and app for the “perfect” temperature of your tea or coffee. Sounds interesting? Well, your choice would probably be dictated by your budget since these come at total ends of the spectrum. 
  • Immersion blender: This handheld device is the key to soul food, since it can make any kind of soup and sauces hassle-free. And the best thing about this is there are affordable ones and premium models that can accommodate all budgets. 
  • Coffee maker and espresso machine: For friends or family members who are obsessed with coffee, you have a ton of options when it comes to coffee-making. From the stovetop coffee pot to a full-blown, single-cup espresso machine, your options would likely depend on how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re a coffee lover yourself and this is the first time you’re exploring coffee-making tools, be prepared to be blown away. 
  • Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker: If you’re looking for something under $50 that would be a perfect gift for breakfast lovers, look for Hamilton Beach’s sandwich maker that will surely make your loved one’s day. He/she can crack an egg or two directly onto the device, add herbs and spices, ham, cheese, veggies, and other ingredients, then slide his/her choice of breads. 
  • Rice cooker with steamer: For your rice-loving friends and family, a rice cooker can open the doors to plenty of culinary options.
  • Airfryer: If you don’t own one, but you’re looking for a kitchen appliance your loved ones would want, THIS is the one. The prices range from below $50 to over $200 depending on the brand and functions offered, which is perfect if you’re on a budget or feeling like you’d want to splurge on a loved one’s gift. 
  • Portable grill: If you know someone who loves to grill, give him/her a portable grill. They may look like a blast-from-the-past kitchen appliance, but it’s still pretty cool to have and allow them to move around their grill when they feel like it. 
  • Digital Scale: If a loved one is experimenting with baking, breadmaking, cake decorating and other similar “exact science” techniques, a digital scale could be the tool they didn’t know they needed. Using a digital scale separates beginners from the pros because it ensures accurate measurements with every batch of baking. 
  • Crockpot, Instapot or other multi-cookers: This category of kitchen appliance is worth exploring. You’ll find plenty of options to choose from depending on who you’ll give the gift to. Crockpots and Instapots are similar in that you just drop the ingredients, leave it cooking and it will just turn off when ready. In some models, the food is even kept warm for 10 to 20 minutes after. 
  • Herb preservers: I’m a fan of any kitchen appliance that promotes less food wastage, so if you’re thinking of a gift for someone who is either exploring how to cook with spices and herbs, or those who hates wasting good food as well, then this small device could be the solution. 
  • Electric grill: For those who live in cold, wet or unfavorable climates most of the time, an electric grill can save them when they’re craving “grilled everything”.  It’s not expensive and is very user-friendly so they’re perfect even for your senior family members and non-techie friends.
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer: If there is no ceiling on your budget and you want to buy only the best kitchen appliance, THIS would surprise your loved ones completely. The base model costs around $400, but the price gets higher depending on what add-on accessory you want to buy. These add-ons (which are optional) turn the mixer into a meat grinder, pasta maker, food processor, sausage maker, and so much more. It’s a one-of-a-kind kitchen device and it’s likely the person you give this to would gift this to his/her next of kin. 

If you found the kitchen appliance to buy from the list above, but I didn’t list down a recommended brand, that is because it may seem overwhelming to choose between brands. There are plenty of good brands and some bad ones in the market, and I don’t know your budget for these gifts, so check out’s reviews of kitchen appliances to find which exactly is the brand to buy. 


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