August 8, 2020

Supporters welcome Michael Misick back to Provo


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1-20-2014-9-12-38-AM-2820489From TC Weekly News

“I WANT to thank all of you for coming and welcoming me home. In a way, I feel like the prodigal son and I love you so much, and this day will be in my heart forever no matter what happens in the future; the love that I received here tonight and the last week will stay with me forever.”

These were the closing words to an impromptu speech delivered at a Providenciales church by former Premier as he laughed self-consciously to the accompaniment of shouts of “we love you too, Mike’.

A smiling and seemingly relaxed Misick arrived via private jet at the Providenciales Air Centre at about 7.30pm Monday night (January 13) after being let out on bail about one hour before.

The ex-leader faces a charge of conspiracy to bribe and is due to appear in Supreme Court for a sufficiency hearing on Friday, March 7.

Vehicles clogged the streets in front of the Air Centre on Old Airport Road as scores of people welcomed him to Providenciales.

Following his arrival a motorcade procession travelled along Leeward Highway with horns beeping all the way to the International for an hour long service presided by Pastor C Alexander Williams.

Giving thanks to God for the safe arrival of the former Premier, the pastor invited him to say a few words to the cheering supporters assembled at the church.

“I am so humbled by the outburst of all of my brothers and sisters; it is so good to be back home.

“When you hear people say there is no place like home, trust me, there is no place like home,” Misick said.

He briefly recounted his experience while imprisoned in Brazil, stating that the will of God saw him through.

“Being in prison anywhere is not good. Being in prison away from home where you have no family and friends; that is only by the grace of God…”

Observing that everything happens for a reason, Misick told his supporters that in order to have a testimony; one has to go through a test.

“And for the longest while I have been tested and what kept me going is my faith and the scriptures; I read the Bible every day and one of the verses that stuck with me is, ‘If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains’.”

He admitted to his followers that he had acknowledged that this day would soon arrive.

“I accept that this would come, but it seemed so far. Every time it…seemed further and further away, but it is through God’s grace and his mercies that kept me, because of the love that I know you have for me and I have for you I wanted to come to see you and be among you; not as the former Premier but as your friend.”

The former Chief Minister said he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love he received throughout the TCI since arriving on January 7.

He added that what the experience has done for him is brought him closer to God.

“Because I used to see the Bishop preach when I came to church and say that if God take you to it, he’ll take you through it, and now I can testify he’s right, because in the early dark days in prison I thought that I would never make it.

“But being alone and praying in my cold, dark cell and asking God for the strength, the peace, patience and for the courage so that I can make it, so that I can come back home to you.”

Misick also took the time to acknowledge the presence of the – who he stood beside while the pastor was sermonising – along with ministers of the Government.

“We have a great country. We have a great country my people, but we have to take our country back,” he declared to loud applause and shouts of ‘Yes’.

“We have nothing to fear; if you conquer fear then you can conquer anything, because it is fear that robs us of our mission. Fear robs us of destiny; it is our destiny to be a free people, to be a purpose people and we should not be afraid to demand that we get our country back.”

He assured the congregation that God is their midst, and with his presence amongst them, they need not be afraid.

“And with us deciding that we are not going to be afraid anymore, no matter how hard they try, we will stand up and be counted.

“And even if we have to go through persecution, you got to stand for what you believe, you got to not be afraid. You got to not see wrong and call it right.”

He further encouraged them to go back to basics – family, prayer and God.

To swells of cheers, raised fists, clapping and shouts of agreement, Misick exited the stage at the church with this call to his supporters: “Let us take our country back; let us not be afraid. Let us challenge the status quo, let us fight for our freedom, and let us fight for our independence…”

In brief comments, Premier Ewing summed up the sentiment of all those gathered at the church.

“It is a great night; a great night.”

Ewing observed that there is much work to be done now; assuring the former Premier that they are all praying for him and will continue to do so.

“Enjoy and we will surely enjoy having you and together we will do it,” he added.

Pastor Williams then anointed Misick with oil, followed by several benedictions by the congregation.

As the former Premier exited the church he greeted several excited people – hugging and sharing a word with some – while several others vied for his attention. (DI)

PHOTO: [Premier Rufus Ewing (front left) formed a part of the crowd gathered at the Abundant Life Ministries to welcome Michael Misick to Providenciales]

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