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Superstitious parents think he is a witch

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His superstitious parents think he is a witch and want to hurt them. So, not wanting to raise him, they dumped him on the street.

They didn’t even think about taking him to an orphanage. The helpless child wandered the streets for eight months, at the mercy of extreme weather conditions and the litter he got from pedestrians.

He slowly weakened and became confused due to malnutrition.

Fortunately, he was greeted by a charity worker who was frightened by his skeleton and dire condition. She overcame compassion to carry him, give him food and water, and protect him.

From DW Documentary

Deadly superstitions – Nigeria’s “witch children

Children are being banished, raped, and even murdered. Aid organizations estimate that thousands of boys and girls are accused of being witches every year. Often, it’s their own parents who think their sons or daughters are possessed by demons.

In the state of Akwa Ibom in southeastern Nigeria, it is common for children to be branded witches and face neglect and physical harm. Some Christian churches even perpetuate these superstitious beliefs, and self-proclaimed healers make good money performing strange exorcism rituals. David Umen and his wife Anja Lovén have made it their mission to fight this witch craze. They give the young victims a new home—but these boys and girls struggle to cope with the trauma of being abused and abandoned by their own parents. A report by Jan-Philipp Scholz. #documentary #dwdocumentary #nigeria #superstition #witchcraft

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