September 26, 2020

Summer Praise can only be praised


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IMG_2193On Sunday 31st August I was present together with an almost full Elmslie Church to watch the second Summer Praise (2014).

The first one last year was good – this one was even better.

The attendance was bigger, too, so the word must have gone out.

The event was longer, too, almost 3 hours but it was that good hardly anyone left.

There was not one so, so, performance, all were great. Obviously some I enjoyed more than others but it would be wrong for me to say which ones – it was just a personal preference.

I, of course, was delighted that the biggest clap (and cheers) went to our very own Joan Wilson who sang a song I doubt any one else had heard before, “Hope”, that brought tears to many.

The performers came from a various churches and differing denominations. That pleased me a lot.

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The organiser of the event, Carol Braggs should be congratulated for her hard work and persuasive genius in getting all these performers together.

The list:

Elmslie Dancers, Elmslie Praise Team, Keyreaye Bodden (First Baptist Church), Dance Unlimited, Agape Church Praise Team, Cayman Male Voice Choir, George Chollette, Elmslie Youth Choir, Joan Wilson, Savannah United Church Choir, Chapel Church of God Worship Ensemble, Antonio Sanchez & Chris Williams, South Sound United Church Choir, Sherene Crowe & Sharon Walmsley, Dance Unlimited, Dewey Ebanks (from Bosun Bay Presbyterian Church), Cayman Islands Baptist Church, Kayla Powell, Shiona Clarke (Red Bay Church of God Holiness), Rev. Dave Hazle, Elmslie Memorial Choir, Edward Solomon, Greg Dabb & Chris Williams & Antonio Sanchez.

It was a Summer Praise I will keep on praising.

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