September 26, 2020

Success is Sweet for Immigration Graduates


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12 new Immigration recruits proved that success was their top priority after recently completing an intensive six-month training programme.

Qualifying as full-fledged Immigration Officers, Marquis Anglin, Samantha Brown, Erina Forbes, Arthur Isaacs, Eric Jackson, Kimberly Pitta, Shannette Rankin, Jane Salmon, David Terry, Nicholas Tibbetts, Timothy Walton and Sandy Whittaker-Mighty received badges at the graduation ceremony held at The Family Life Center.

Welcoming the new group, who will augment the department’s deployments at the Cayman Islands’ air and sea ports, Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) Linda Evans encouraged teamwork, courtesy, respect and positive attitudes in their new working environment.

The group received practical and theoretical cross-training with other uniformed agencies that ranged from interviewing techniques to the proper use of a baton.

Required to have a command of local laws, especially the Immigration Laws as well as an understanding of human behaviour, officers also learn geography, psychology and sociology, insofar as these relate to immigration.

Officer Sandy Whittaker walked away with both awards for overall achievement and highest academic achievement.

Addressing the graduates, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, said, “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be sure to work hard at all times. Continue to be successful officers, while offering a warm Caymanian welcome to our visitors.”

After describing a movement from Immigration Officer to head of Immigration, he urged the graduates to aspire to a similar career path.

Also attending the ceremony were Deputy CIOs Bruce Smith (Border Control) and Samantha Bennett (Administration), Gary Wong (Enforcement), Deputy Police Commissioner Steven Brougham, Training & Development Manager Jenifer Gager-Sterling, Human Resources Manager Michelle Alvarenga, Assistant HR Manager Felicia Deslandes and other senior representatives from Immigration.

DCIO Bruce Smith thanked the graduates for choosing Immigration as an employer. He expressed confidence that they would become an asset to the Immigration family as well as the country.

Special presentations were also made to Assistant CIO Nicola Solomon and Senior Immigration Officer Ezron Anderson for lending valuable support during the training programme.

Although Officer David Terry joked about being chosen by his peers as ‘most talkative’, he was proud to present remarks on behalf of the graduating class.  In addition to their success, Officer Terry noted that it was a strong bond had kept the class together. He thanked all who had supported and encouraged them along the way. He added, “We would not have made it this far without your help.”



Photos by Information Officer Yvette Cacho

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