June 27, 2022

Success as flight to Rwanda grounded

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From Miriam Karmali, Freedom United

June 19, 2022 News Digest
Law & Policy
U.K. Rwanda deportation flight stopped by legal action
The first flight due to forcibly send people seeking asylum in the U.K. to Rwanda was grounded this week following civil society action, legal interventions, and the involvement of the European Court of Human Rights. We welcome this initial successful prevention of the U.K.’s inhumane plans to deport vulnerable people, including potential trafficking survivors, thousands of miles away. But the Home Secretary insists the plans will go ahead. Read more…
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Speak Free

“Until we win”: Domestic workers’ relentless fight against exploitation
This week marks International Domestic Workers’ Day, a chance to take stock of the impressive organizing domestic workers around the world are undertaking to secure their rights. Our campaigner Miriam Karmali explores what challenges domestic workers face and how to amplify their calls for change. Read more… 
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Human trafficking

How Libya and Europe evade accountability for forced labor
Investigator and reporter Sally Hayden shares her perspectives on the violence, torture and trafficking inflicted on migrants and refugees in Libya’s notorious detention centers. Though this extreme suffering is driven in part by the European Union, Hayden explains why it’s so difficult to hold this institution accountable. Read more…
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* On the way to living income and living wage – how can governments and private sector work together?
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As we celebrate Juneteenth commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, we also reflect on the injustice of the 13th Amendment and the prison industrial complex. Listen to Dr. Angela Davis, revolutionary, academic, activist, and author, Dr. Dennis Childs, UCSD Professor and author, and Troy Williams, formerly incarcerated journalist and videographer explore how to finally abolish slavery.  

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Miriam Karmali
Freedom United
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